On the other side of latitude 66° 33′ 44″

Since her childhood , the authoress of the book was intrigued of the polar regions of our planet and read even many books on the polar explorers marveled at some exhibition and saw countless films. Then, the day was come to put itself apart with the topic polar regions ; and there was a large sign collection full of pastel and pencil drawings , from then with her own texts created a picture book.

Although at first glance they seem dead, still and hostile, the two regions of the world in this illustrated book are shown to be full of life. Every life form which exists in the polar regions is a true survivor and a specialist in adapting to this area full of extremes, which has proved to be a unique habitat that is worth protecting. We still have a lot to learn from it and it is vital that we preserve it.

"The experience that someone who has researched both the polar regions of our plant has gathered, could not differ more extremely from the life that a person normally lives.

But every experience is worthwhile. It shows the uniqueness and singularity of life, in a place where it seems like it's impossible to live..." Friederike Küster

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