Nocturnal Thoughts


Many people are afraid of the darkness. Although many have fear of the dark the night has its own special magic. Especially nights when the Moon is shining have their own special charm


Are there any tales that haven't been told, written or invented about our constant companion? Since the dawn of living memory, it has been the focus of obscure and secret things.


Myths, rites, even entire religions have been based on this friendly heavenly guardian that has been circling us for billions of years, like a wasp around a jam jar.


Enlightened and educated minds dismiss such things as nonsense, of course, but even an educated humanist would not be able to ignore the magic of a beautiful, clear moonlit night, because it casts a sort of spell over human nature.


It can capture any mood, from the romantic to the dangerous and sinister.


To investigate in a very special way the world under the spell of the moon is the goal of this book. It should take away the night's terror and tell of the earth in the magic of the moonlight


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